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Why SENter Light Childcare?

Hi, I’m Mary and I set up SENter Light Childcare to offer all children quality care and provide children who are not meeting their milestones the care and expertise they need.


My journey with childcare started in 2011, I trained for my degree in early years then went on to working in an outstanding nursery as a deputy. I went on further to train in SEN which widened my knowledge greatly. However my real drive came after the loss of my mother who had been a registered childminder herself for over 20 years in our childhood home. Her loss drove me to take over her setting and carry on her legacy which came naturally to me as caring for children and creating quality childcare has always been a huge passion of mines. Due to my various experiences of working in much a bigger setting to coming to home based care it gave me a unique insight into what a great facility I could offer which was simply allowing children to feel included, safe and happy. Taking all these factors into consideration, I set up SENter Light Childcare with a view to offering excellent childcare at an affordable and competitive price. Exactly what I, as a parent, would look for. 

I realised after working in childcare for a long time period that there was a gap in practitioners knowing how to care for children with special needs; this drove me to reflect, study and pushed my passion in bringing inclusivity for all children I provide a warm, safe, stimulating and spacious environment with various resources and activities that support children in all areas of the EYFS.


I am big on nature and the outdoors, perfect for children's natural curiosity that enables them to explore freely and

learn about the natural world around them.

My setting is located within a short walk from my local woods, parks, library and play groups. These are part of our daily routine at SENter light .


Please do come and see  SENter Light Childcare for yourself and you’ll see exactly what I mean.  We are also welcoming visits out of hours to accommodate those who work full time and would struggle to reach us during our opening hours.


We have liaised very closely with Medway Council Early Years in the setting up and running of the SENter Light Childcare and we are also have a membership with PACEY. They supply us with all our up to date policies that we are required to have in place, so we are always up to date with the current legislation.

I welcome any questions or queries you may have, and I am more than happy for you to come along and pay us a visit any day of the week. You can call me on or email me at any time.  You can also contact me on this number is available out of hours.  I am always happy to take your call at any time.

Thank you for visiting and I hope to hear from you soon.


In Memory of my darling Mother Alice Toyin Oberiko

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